Health and wellbeing  

Being a healthy, confident and strong you gives you the best chance at living an independent life. We offer holistic services for your wellbeing at Westhaven.

Medical support 

When you’re unwell or need a doctor check-up, we’ll make sure you get the expert help you need. We have staff dedicated to your medical needs who will make medical appointments on your behalf, monitor upcoming appointments, and provide transport to and from appointments.

We can also ensure you have access any other health services when you need it, including pathology and flu vaccination services. We keep all your relevant health documentation up to date for medical history purposes.

Alternatively, if you just need some assistance in taking your medication, we can help with that too. 

Healthy eating

You can learn about healthy eating habits through our specialist staff and we can help you learn how to cook yummy and nutritious meals.

Being and keeping others safe

If you need help to be safe in the community, we can assist with training about road safety, using public transport and stranger danger. These skills will help grow your independence and confidence to get out and about around town.   

Social skills support

We have a specialist team who provide support services to assist you with managing life's challenges and communicating with others, including: 

  • helping your staff understand your needs and how best to help you
  • assisting to reduce triggers for anxiety and stress in your environment
  • promoting positive ways of coping with life's challenges
  • teaching life skills, such as coping with change in positive ways and managing emotional ups and downs.

Our team works with families and carers to establish effective ways to support your positive social engagement in the community based on holistic health and wellbeing.

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