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Dubbo Show success


clients-with-their-Michael-Jackson-scarecrow-photo close-up-of-Michael-Jackson-scarecrow

The King of Pop and colourful crayons were the inspiration for Westhaven’s entries in the Dubbo Show’s scarecrow competition this year. A big congratulations to the crayon team who came second place, and the Michael Jackson team for their encouragement award!

“I like the clothes on it” said Lily, referring to the Michael Jackson scarecrow, which she helped stuff with Sammy and Sarah. It was a team effort with everyone helping to find the right Michael Jackson clothes on shopping expeditions out to Vinnies and around town.

Josephine thought of the idea to use red string for the mouths of the crayons. “It’s the first time I’ve made them” said Josephine, whose favourite colour is the pink crayon. It was a labour of love, taking about three weeks to make the crayons. “I put the eyes on” said Daphne, who proudly tells us how she enjoyed cutting up many of the pieces for the crayons too.


We’re yet to test these fantastic creations out to see how effective they are at scaring off crows, but safe to say it was a fantastic effort by the teams who put these imaginative creations together.